Thursday, March 19, 2009

13 basic truths

According to me:
  1. Guys on motorcycles are anonymously, infinitely sexy in their helmets & gear
  2. Hearing my kids belly laugh can make my day
  3. Watching a parent absently, tenderly put a hand on a teen child's shoulder moves me
  4. Bacon makes everything better
  5. Buying stuff at Goodwill stimulates the economy
  6. The new sticker arrangement on my laptop has improved my overall mood
  7. Saying things in Spanish, with strong accent, is immensely satisfying
  8. "Hence" and "thus" are pretty excellent words
  9. Browsing bookstores is close to sex on my Bliss List
  10. Some people will never open their eyes to the world
  11. Warm, quiet baths cure many ills
  12. Freshly sharpened pencils are like brand new days
  13. Remembering someone's name can be a gift, to both of you

Thursday Thirteen ~ truly enjoyable