Sunday, March 1, 2009

giving (up)

I'm brushing myself off after the recent fall from grace daily posting and joining back up with NaBloPoMo [which I do not know how to say aloud without sounding like I've lost my mind]. March's theme is "Giving (Up)" which is conveniently vague; here is my first attempt to make sense of it.

How I'm Giving:
  • Kisses & hugs to my babes
  • Back scratches to my man (that is not supposed to sound dirty, I'm just trying to be honest - I am not a good giver of back rubs)
  • Monthly donations to Make-A-Wish, Share, our local animal shelter, the library, and OPB
  • Time, energy, and WintOgreen mints to students
  • Outgrown clothes & books to kids' friends

What I'm Giving Up:

  • Finishing books that fail to move me
  • Popcorn at the movies [the big bucket, I mean] [but not at the Living Room Theater]
  • Shoes that hurt my feet
  • Socks with holes in the toes
  • Eating in the car
  • Late nights (starting tomorrow)

Tell me what you give, and give up.