Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the zombie, the fighter, and the mutant puppy

First thing on the kids' "IT'S SPRING BREAK!" list was surprisingly not the science museum, the zoo, or even a movie in the theater - it was face painting. Apparently Bad Mom is a good makeup artist.

Mason chose to be a zombie, even though anything marginally spooky in movies still creeps him out. In the daylight, scary is cool.

Mama Milton's boy went with a simple black eye. We did a quick pantomime to decide if he wanted to be clocked by a left or right hook.
(He also wanted a mustache but I forgot and he was too polite to ask again; sorry, Zack!)

Paige stuck with her preferred Dalmatian but this time wanted pink spots, which ended up looking more like giant measles but she was happy.

Need a face painter for your next church function, club fundraiser, school event? Call Bad Mom.