Friday, April 3, 2009


Highway 20 south on my island

Boarding the ferry


Just in case...?

This is where I'll head in an emergency

Passing by

Back down
[Side note: If ever you want to witness OCD nuttiness in action, watch me on the ferry - I get out of the car as fast as I can, wander around in a state of glee mixed with agitation for 20 minutes then anxiously hurry back to my car where I sit for 10 minutes before actually having to leave]

Land, ho

Into Seattle

My baby takes the ... afternoon ... train

So good to see you again

Dragons on lampposts, it's what Seattle does

Chinatown meets King Street Station

Starbucks is watching you

Shipyards & Space Needle

Taking some end-of-Spring-Break hours to ourselves while the kids overdose on grandparent time (and TV). Back tomorrow with scenes from our life with other grown-ups.