Saturday, April 18, 2009

pardon the facade

My astute, smartypants friend Holly discovered yesterday that I AM FAMOUS. In some superduper liberal circles, anyway - I was linked in an article about "Naughty Mommies," which I cruelly hope leads to some very disappointing Google searches for certain individuals...Digression. Or not. The article [because I know you're too busy (or conservative, hello best friend Jen) to read it] essentially ponders if we mom bloggers who claim to be "bad" are actually a) fishing for compliments about how good we really are or b) seeking validation for our previously socially unacceptable desire to have free time and/or cocktails. To which I say to both presumptions, borrowing from my most intellectual students, duh.

Who doesn't like a compliment and a little validation? Especially after completing something difficult & mind-numbing, as many daily chores of motherhood and housewifery can be. Even when I've done things that enrich me or soothe my soul (reading with the kids, teaching, finishing laundry [I'm serious!]), it's nice to hear that I'm noticed and appreciated. And it's extra nice to indulge in some uninterrupted eating, drinking & being merry of the grown-up sort.

But honestly, as many of you know (and if you don't yet, please do read this so you can be certain I'm not truly [only] a pitiful attention-seeker), I started this blog because writing gives me joy and relieves some pressure in my brain; I continue this blog because writing it still does those things for me with the added bonus of connecting me to phenomenal women [and a few men, hi LarryG!] around the world. I am not interested in judging others' choices in marriage, parenting, or politics - remarking on and attempting to understand, sure but judging, no. I realize not getting involved in conflama [conflict + drama, the drug of choice for many lonely individuals] keeps me from getting copious amounts of traffic, but I'm cool with that. Fame is probably overrated.

Unless it gets me a lunch date with Mark Wahlberg.

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