Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pimping but without the pay

I am not sure how they keep finding me but various organizations have been hot on my inbox [that sounds so naughty; I might say it at school tomorrow and see what happens] with requests for publicity. Some I have found worthy and others I have respectfully rejected; today I bring you one that caught my interest not only because it seems to be a useful site but also because the PR person described the founder as "serial entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda," which is an irresistible intro, no? So without further ado, I give you:

It is an online classifieds site that is FREE to use (unless you want to be a featured listing but even that is only $1.99/week for top of listing & search results or $9.99 for home page) for any category - including job search and real estate - and includes the option to upload photos & videos. Being a layout connoisseur, I am drawn to the pleasant colors & simple icons as well as the handy distance toggle for adjusting the scope of where I want to look for whatever I want. Plus, you can sign up for e-mail alerts using a keyword AND there is a Facebook application that I have obtained even though I'm not sure what I'm going to put on it yet. Maybe it will motivate me to get rid of crap around my house...[But not until after May 30 - our school is having a fundraising garage sale, which I DID just post on OLX, easy as pie].

Here are the reasons they give for being better than Craigslist:

1. OLX is 100% free forever - even for jobs and real estate
2. OLX has a fantastic mobile site where users can do everything they can do on the web
3. OLX is both global and hyper local
4. OLX has a WYSIWYG editor allowing rich colorful postings without knowing HTML
5. OLX has direct support for video & images
6. OLX allows you to view listings in your local language
7. OLX has improved search – both across and within categories
8. You can search within a certain distance of your zip code
9. You can promote your listings on Facebook and other social networks
10.OLX has pictures in listing pages and search results

I concur with all of these assertions, though I'm not entirely sure what it means to be "global and hyper local" but it sounds like something good.

Now go out there and find yourself a buyer, or a seller, or a job, or another home. Or maybe connect with another "serial entrepreneur" like the foxy & smart Fabrice:

Bon jour & merci, Monsieur Grinda