Thursday, May 28, 2009

13 garage sale treasures

If you are fortunate enough to be in my vicinity this Saturday, you can fight the garage sale hordes for ownership of these unique items:
  1. Vintage snowshoes
  2. Four-foot purple wall shelf
  3. Portable record player with Texas longhorn on the lid
  4. Igloo-style dog house
  5. Pink plastic lap desk
  6. Inflatable raft
  7. Artificial hydrangea bouquets
  8. Nasal irrigation kit (brand-new!)
  9. Princess dresses, girls size 6/7
  10. Homemade smoker (left behind from a senior presentation)
  11. Twenty-five white plastic hangers
  12. Pink hand-crank AM/FM radio
  13. Motorcycle helmet with cartoon bear on the back


I thoroughly relish seeing what kinds of things people bring in; my office is packed with crap treasures quivering with excitement about finding new owners this weekend.

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