Sunday, May 24, 2009

glossed weekend

My formerly-long weekend was cut short by the excessive snow days we endured five months ago, yet it has still been a delightful few days.

The good times started Friday at 2:25 pm when I drove out of the school parking lot following our principal to her house for a birthday party in honor of co-worker Monica's 40th birthday. Alas, I didn't have my camera to document the personal Happy Hour (times 5) Mr. Principal provided for us but that's probably for the best; our hijinx, mild as they were, would only look scandalous when pirated on YouTube. [We did have a raucous discussion about knob goblins, though, and that's all I'll say].

Mom on trampoline
Not this weekend, but how I felt about having 3 days off.

Saturday was about hair color and a couple of fruitful garage sales (Scattergories for my classroom for $1 and a brand new Tommy Hilfiger backpack for 3 bucks!) and some shopping & library time in Portland before another birthday celebration for Monica [40 is a big deal, remember?].

Divas of social studies & English electives

Homemade strawberry shortcake = Heaven on a plate

Today I skipped church *cough*HEATHEN*cough to clean the house for guests. But if I hadn't tidied up, I would have been a crabby hostess and I'm pretty sure Jesus would have been more disappointed with that than watching me not stand up & sing for 45 minutes.

Paige's ubiquitous signage

A congenial crowd

The delightfully witty Holly with her immensely cerebral
& thoroughly likable boy and man

Mr. Milton and my bff, the Mama

My wild & crazy PTA partner Sam
with her loving hubby Chris

There's real love here, I'm just weary.
Luckily I still have one more day off...