Sunday, May 10, 2009

joys & perks

I'd like to thank my mom for not only being loving & supportive & strong but for choosing my name, which means "Crowned One" and has given me the permission confidence to enjoy pampering & indulgences constantly upon certain special occasions.

Today my children doted on me (beginning with not entering my bedroom until after 8am) then we all went to brunch and THEN my family was enormously kind and let me browse through the Goodwill Superstore (where I found an enchanting watercolor sketch of Paris' Left Bank for $4 and a delicate red-jeweled necklace for $2.99) without complaining!
Happy Mother's Day indeed.

Note the accordian's lily pad design and the perfect 5-7-5 of the haikus.
Bad mom = Genius children

A girl with impeccable taste in men & music already

The fierce love of a preteen boy for his mom must hide behind apathy

Wearable kid art

My gift to me (plus one for Lisa and one for Jen...)
Bad mom's little helper(s)

Dinner out with best friends
(note the Luxe Link at work in bottom right corner!)