Tuesday, June 23, 2009

about me, yet not

The About Me part = I won a haiku contest! After being rejected snubbed egregiously overlooked by Live Wire! a couple of weeks ago, the funky new cause-friendly website Everywun recognized my enormous talent & rewarded my syllabic prowess with an Ecogear bag. Woot! To be fair, apparently there were other finalists chosen and I was lucky enough to have my name pulled from a drawing. But I'm continuing to believe I am the haiku goddess.

We were supposed to write our 5-7-5 about the importance of eco-friendliness. Here's what I said:

one earth for our use ~
air, creatures, plants, water, soil…
be friendly, won’t you?

Now back to this Everywun site. It's a cool concept [and I'm not just saying that because they proclaim me Amazing Poetry Mistress like me best are sending me a prize] - you get credits for taking quizzes about various causes (poverty, animals, health, education, enviroment) or surveys about timely topics or or putting a badge on your blog [you choose what you want to support; see mine in the sidebar] or other special actions they tell you about in an e-newsletter. You use your accumulated credits to donate items to specified charities - all from the comfort of your couch or desk chair. And FREE TO YOU.

This is one of those occasions when it's smart to go along with Everywun.