Sunday, June 7, 2009

at your cervix

My best friend Jen was told by her gynecologist last week that her cervix is 'unusually firm' for someone her age [which is a number of years younger than me; must remember to ask my gyno to evaluate my cervix next month...]. We called that reason to drink lots of wine celebrate, and I announced that she qualifies as one of my heroes this month.

Jen is a hero not only because of her extraordinary lady parts - she is a mom of 3 boys (that exhausts me just typing it), works in the special ed classroom at our kids' school (doubly exhausted now), and is a genius wingwoman. I am eternally blessed that she moved in across the street nearly six years ago; we immediately connected and were offering each other deep conversation & afternoon cocktails tea within a week. Despite her shocking Republican status, our friendship has grown & thrived as each of us has individually.
We occasionally compete for cutest hair or best boob display [I usually win for sheer volume but her cleavage is always better; she's braver than I] or for the attentions of Certain Bartenders, but in the end we prefer to cheer each other's efforts & successes and be content with our simple, soul-boosting camaraderie.

Thank you for being a firm friend, Jen.

Cheers to good-looking cervices