Thursday, June 11, 2009

FOUND heroes

I mentioned before that the FOUND guys were coming to my school and today they really & truly showed up! (Despite my perpetually upbeat perky attitude [shut up], I can be a closet pessimist and when I didn't hear back from them about publicity a couple of weeks ago and didn't see them anywhere near our parking lot an hour before today's scheduled show, I got a little sweaty).

me with Peter & Davy Rothbart after the show
(Davy is totally not touching me inappropriately, swear)

Why I think Peter & Davy are heroic:

  • They turned this peculiar hobby of collecting 'found' items into a creative & genuinely entertaining venture
  • They drive (yes, drive) around the country visiting towns large & small, venues major & minor (like us!)
  • They perform at schools for free
  • They're super cute & talented [fine public speakers plus Peter writes songs, sings, & plays guitar gloriously] AND extraordinarily polite to teenagers & grown-ups alike

I think of them as grown-up versions of some of our more quirky/brilliant students who are at our school because they don't fit particular checklists of What To Become. It warmed my heart to see so many of our kids enjoying the performance and believing that it's really & truly okay to follow a different path.

If you are near any of their upcoming stops, you MUST go see them. This is a Bad Mom mandate; tell them I sent you.

And none of this praise is due to the fact that Davy pretended to be singing & blowing kisses to me during "The Booty Don't Stop" song. Though it definitely made my middle-aged day and makes me want to link their site one more time...