Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my head has not yet actually exploded

I interrupt my regularly scheduled post [as if I'm that prepared] for this test of the Emergency Alert System. In the event of a real emergency (my head exploding, for example), you would be directed by my guest blogger/husband to direct vast amounts of good ju-ju/prayer/positive chi in my general direction.

Reasons my head might explode in the next 10 days:
  • More students will get into inexplicably stupid fistfights in the hallway next to the principal
  • More students will sneak into our auditorium to perform acts that give teachers headaches & nightmares thinking about
  • More students will become irrationally angry about the fact that they are failing despite having turned in NO work in 8 weeks
  • More students will look incredulous when told 24 absences in 45 days is unreasonable and grounds for not earning credit
  • More students will talk exactly only when their teachers begin to talk
Please keep your computer tuned to this blog for further instructions. Thank you.