Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A convenient two-in-one post: I was asked by Mother Talk to review [via my kids] Obama: The Historic Journey, Young Reader's Edition by Jill Abramson PLUS Barack Obama happens to qualify for my NaBloPoMo "Heroes" theme by virtue of his persevering spirit from childhood to young adulthood and on through his recent adventures.

When I opened the package revealing our copy a couple of weeks ago, there was cheering from everyone. The kids took turns paging through it - Mason on the lawn while Paige finished her homework, then Paige at the kitchen counter while I made dinner. They read their favorite parts aloud - how the First Daughters are going to have sleepovers in the White House (I wish they were my friends!) - and implored me to looklooklook! at pictures of the young Barack and behind the scenes on Inauguration Day.

In the eyes and mind of this layout snob mom & teacher, the New York Times publication is visually stunning but not overdone; kid-friendly but not dumbed down. It mixes interesting facts about Obama's childhood & background with details about his rise to the presidency, adding a variety of photos to help kids relate to our President.

Respectfully written, treating young readers as intelligent citizens. I vote YES for Obama: The Historic Journey.