Thursday, June 4, 2009

qualities of an anti-hero

  1. Skipping breakfast while nagging kids to eat

  2. Going to bed before reading to kids
  3. Not knowing when my children have a half-day of school

  4. Coming *thisclose* to saying out loud in class how immensely irritating I find a student

  5. Counting days until summer break

  6. Entertaining thoughts of running away [just for a month few days]

  7. Arguing with husband about clip-on fans vs. small box fans

  8. Shrieking mean words at husband from 2nd floor

  9. Typing a blog post while children try to engage me in conversation

  10. Not knowing what my son has been talking to me about for the last 10 minutes

  11. Constantly contriving reasons to get in my new car & drive

  12. Freaking the f*ck out when people call my new car a MINIVAN

  13. Feeling the urge to say f*ck often

Thursday 13 - Loads of f*cking fun for everyone!