Sunday, June 14, 2009

stuff & nonsense

Renegade ready

Best parts of my weekend, after our school's graduation (and the husband-painted toenails):
  • Fantastic finds at garage sales - including loads of [excellent, less than $5 each!] pants & shorts for my growing boy, darling summer sweaters & a Che-worthy Old Navy jacket for me, and a fluffy purple body pillow for my girl
  • Delectable Thai dinner with best friends
  • Live Wire! show with Holly, featuring my Secret Summer Boyfriend Sean and adorable Chris Ballew (he autographed my poster!)
  • Lunch with my beloved little sister and her sweet & charming boyfriend
  • Conversation with Geeky Cute Video Expert Guy that ended with him offering to carry my DVDs home bring in his personal copy of Slam for me to borrow for my poetry class this week
  • Imagining the gigantic sigh of relief Friday will bring for me and everyone within 1000 miles of my tired attitude

My Audience Haiku entry on the topic 'potato salad':

the scourge of picnics
sitting in the summer sun
BEWARE: e-coli