Monday, July 27, 2009

best laid schemes

I was up at 5:45, as per my New Improved Me plan, washed & masked my face, made tea, ate a leftover 7-Layer bar with milk, checked e-mail, updated Facebook status, and mentally prepared myself to write a pithy post before dusting off the Wii balance board & getting my pretend Yoga on.

After 47 minutes of 'mental preparation' here I am, being decidedly non-pithy and starting to stress out about lack of pith as well as the fact that I have no good outfits to combat the 100+ degree weather threatened for today AND I must be ready to walk out the door by 8am to deliver my son to his [million dollar] animation class in fashionable downtown Portland.

Here's to hoping the dashing of my early morning plans is all that goes awry today.