Monday, August 24, 2009

and when she was bad

I am horrid.

I am shamelessly demanding on my birthday weekend - Happy Hour dinner (at which I confused & irritated the waitstaff by rejecting the dining room seating and moving tables in the lounge to accommodate my party); rollerskating (where I requested Rick Springfield, making the less-than-twentysomething DJ smile and gently say "We don't have a very big selection of music" when he couldn't find a single title; I settled on Cheap Trick, which he played but cut short because apparently songs longer than 3 minutes are boring); Happy Hour drinks until 1 am when my bleary-eyed husband finally convinced me that it was, indeed, 1 am and we had plans the next day. And the next day: breakfast with my dad at IHOP, pedicure, garage sale shopping, hanging with friends in Portland, birthday dinner & drinks, Live Wire! radio show (during which my friend won the haiku contest I desperately want to win but never do, and after which I lingered to get a picture with my secret boyfriend #417), and drinks at Gilt Club before walking (sometimes barefoot because my damn shoes were killing me) back to the hotel at - guess! - 1 am. Where I uploaded pictures to Facebook while Stu wearily watched Comedy Central. AND THEN, Sunday morning we had brunch with our friends before wandering through Portland's street market [and found out my birthday coincides with National Topless Day; I did not participate]. I begged for and got coconut fudge but did not get the henna tattoo or custom chalkboard or necklaces (though Stu had already given me two pendants before breakfast). After our friends left, Stu & I went to the swanky downtown Goodwill where I found two excellent watches that I procured for $24 with my Club Goodwill birthday discount; lastly, a couples' massage and pizza dinner.

And now. I had planned to arise early to do my Wii Fit workout ("workout" defined as managing some yoga poses for 15 minutes, grimacing through a few strength exercises, and cursing at the TV while attempting the stupid balance games); I had planned to finally send reallyfunthings to my sadly neglected blog friends; I had planned to finish my online class about literacy strategies; I had planned to purge toy boxes & book shelves; I had planned to sort through my school books & files and go arrange my classroom for next week's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - but without the kids around [they are in San Francisco until Thursday with my blessed mom & saintly sister], I am suddenly Slacker Mom - potentially naughty like Bad Mom with the added bonus of apathetic toward anything health, house, job or otherwise errand oriented. I slept until 7:30, I showered, I sat down to 'check' Facebook and have not moved from this chair; my tea is still steeping in the kitchen, 57 minutes later. Oh, and I ate some of my coconut fudge.

I think I will finish getting ready and start on one of my tasks before time gets away from me. But first I need to update my FB status.

photo by me, 2009