Sunday, August 9, 2009

inside the brain of a twice-twenty year old

Here are some thoughts that have entered my mind lately. Try not to judge too harshly; I'm approaching just-past-middle-aged and some days are more hysterical interesting than others.

1. I really, really like toast and black tea in the morning.

2. I'm starting to kind of like getting up at 5:45 and doing some Wii Fit exercises.

3. Am I damaging my preteen children by letting them listen to Beastie Boys? Is it better or worse if I sing along?

4. My college boyfriend was effing hot.

Stu circa 1991

5. This picture of my hot young boyfriend makes me feel really...happy.

6. While I can appreciate the 'gotta have faith!' sticker on the car in front of me, I cannot help but scream in my head Can you please have faith at the speed limit???

7. I'm starting to kind of hate getting up at 5:45 and doing some Wii Fit exercises.

8. F*ck off, little animated Wii balance board bastard; I KNOW I'll see better results if I work out everyday.

9. If I put my pants on first and bend a lot, they will stretch out just fine.

10. I must rewatch Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club soon. And download the soundtracks.

11. What else do I need at Goodwill that I can get for 25% off with my birthday-month discount?

12. I love my hair.

13. I hate my hair.

14. I'm so excited for my birthday party! Rollerskating & Happy Hour!

15. Who cares if I could be the mother of anyone under 25?

16. Hey, we get AMC! I can watch the new season of Mad Men in real time! [Honestly, I didn't realize our TV picked up this channel until now]

17. Should I send in a photo to the Mad Men casting call? I could play Sally's teacher!

18. Red polish or dark purple?

19. Isn't it time I stop loving pizza so much?

20. I feel like making brownies.