Sunday, August 9, 2009

inside the brain of a twice-twenty year old

Here are some thoughts that have entered my mind lately. Try not to judge too harshly; I'm approaching just-past-middle-aged and some days are more hysterical interesting than others.

1. I really, really like toast and black tea in the morning.

2. I'm starting to kind of like getting up at 5:45 and doing some Wii Fit exercises.

3. Am I damaging my preteen children by letting them listen to Beastie Boys? Is it better or worse if I sing along?

4. My college boyfriend was effing hot.

Stu circa 1991

5. This picture of my hot young boyfriend makes me feel really...happy.

6. While I can appreciate the 'gotta have faith!' sticker on the car in front of me, I cannot help but scream in my head Can you please have faith at the speed limit???

7. I'm starting to kind of hate getting up at 5:45 and doing some Wii Fit exercises.

8. F*ck off, little animated Wii balance board bastard; I KNOW I'll see better results if I work out everyday.

9. If I put my pants on first and bend a lot, they will stretch out just fine.

10. I must rewatch Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club soon. And download the soundtracks.

11. What else do I need at Goodwill that I can get for 25% off with my birthday-month discount?

12. I love my hair.

13. I hate my hair.

14. I'm so excited for my birthday party! Rollerskating & Happy Hour!

15. Who cares if I could be the mother of anyone under 25?

16. Hey, we get AMC! I can watch the new season of Mad Men in real time! [Honestly, I didn't realize our TV picked up this channel until now]

17. Should I send in a photo to the Mad Men casting call? I could play Sally's teacher!

18. Red polish or dark purple?

19. Isn't it time I stop loving pizza so much?

20. I feel like making brownies.


Ami said...

Middle age is 50.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, twice twenty year old! Hope your roller skating and happy hour are awesome... and in that order, or else it could be really dangerous. And at this juncture, you could break a hip. (I kid.)

Stu was topless in your bedroom?? Scandalous...

j.sterling said...

happy birthday! lol.. i love your randomness!

Danielle said...

I love #8, I also hate that little bastard.
I always go with red nail polish. I love red.
I have been debating a mom's night out at the roller rink, I will wait to hear how your night goes.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

5:45 a.m. is and always will be my enemy. I do like midnight, though.

ms-teacher said...

why choose between red or purple and just do both. As for the Wii Fit, I've not been doing it, however, I have been doing the elliptical. So take that Virtual workout girl!

Unknown said...

I will be a "twice-twenty year old" this month. I just don't see how it happened - how can I already be that age?

I have never, and never will, enjoy getting up at 5:45 in the morning.

Have fun!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I too have a love hate relationship with my Wii Fit. I love (NOT!) when my Wii character gets all depressed when I get weighed. That's an awesome feeling. LOL.

I JUST mentioned Molly Ringwald in a blog entry. I heart her SO much! I love Pretty and Pink and 16 Candles more than The Breakfast Club. They are all awesome, though. :o)

The Women's Colony said...

Red! Eat a piece of pizza while the brownies bake: 50 is middle age.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


Dark purple. For sure.


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