Thursday, September 17, 2009

saving the best

I had a couple of friends who were girls
from kindergarten through sixth grade
But I was always on edge with them,
Trying to stay on their good side
while sidestepping their meannesses toward others.

In junior high I met my first girlfriends.
They were smart, like me, enjoyed reading
like me
Thought the same goofy boys were endearing
and never expected meanness
to stay on their good side.

But in college we separated,
growing toward our grown-up lives
and away from each other.
I made other friends,
none close.

Now in the middle of my life
I have found the friends I need the most.
They are smart, like me, enjoy reading
like me
Think the same goofy boys are endearing
and expect nothing but honesty
to stay on their good side.

Jen strengthened my faith in God and myself;
she showed me how to be a beautiful strong woman
regardless of how ugly & weak we saw ourselves at times.

Lisa shared a passion for writing out our hearts & minds;
she showed me how to be joyous yet fierce
even when staring into the face of pain & sorrow.

Holly renewed my spirit for activism and involvement;
she showed me how to take a stance & establish a presence
despite my fear & uncertainty.

Now is the time for girlfriends, powerful ones,
when I am sure yet not;
when I am steady yet not;
when I am solid yet not.

I am blessed, I am loved, I am whole at last.

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