Monday, October 5, 2009

can't trust this day

I was concerned with how my Monday was going to go considering it's the day after a full moon, and I was awake Sunday night until 11:20 watching Mad Men & eating brie, and I could not get myself out of bed this morning until it was logistically impossible to stay another minute and still get ready without being fired ridiculously late for school. Plus I had not written the week's lessons on my whiteboard, which stresses me out even if I have all of my plans relatively established in my brain. AND I changed my outfit at the last minute because I wasn't prepared for bare legs, which required changes to my jewelry & shoes as well.

So. All of these things might mean Monday in my classroom feels like a circle of Hell but with lots of water bottles. Yet my first class went remarkably (spookily) well - Tech students all Stepford-like in getting right to work on the Internet scavenger hunt assignment and staying focused until the last minute of the period. At which point I became complacent, feeling so fortunate that I spent the last two hours of the day continuously raising an eyebrow and saying things like "People, come back to me." and "Hello? Hi. We're having class." and "Are you SERIOUS?"

Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning.