Thursday, October 22, 2009

to the pain

Let's just get this out of the way - I am a big baby about pain. Or, more accurately, impending pain. If I am spontaneously injured, I don't freak out or even draw attention to the injury. But the prospect of having to do something that will hurt? Sends me into ulcer-inducing drama.

When I had my first child, the idea of labor & delivery made me dizzy; I could barely attend the birthing classes because it was a constant indicator of The Pain To Come. Frankly, having an emergency C-section was actually a blessing - I had no opportunity to think about it and fret beforehand. As I did when scheduling and awaiting the C-section for my daughter's birth.

Now, I've been enduring increasing discomfort from an opportunistic bunion and have tried all the easy fixes like better shoes & putting my feet up at the end of the day, to no avail. My right bunion has started to ache constantly, sometimes sending darts of agony through my whole foot, causing me to actually limp. Limp. And so I have scheduled surgery.

Basically, I am and will be for the next 52 days worrying about having my foot cut open. At this very moment, my stomach is churning and the bunion is shooting electricity up my entire leg.

The only mildly good news? By some magical karma also enjoyed by Cheri at Blog This Mom!, my podiatrist/surgeon is sweet & cute. Though I suppose that will only make it more humiliating when I start sobbing during anesthesia.


Ami said...

You have to weigh the happy vs the not-so-happy here...

If you do nothing about this, it will ALWAYS BE WITH YOU. For the REST OF YOUR LIFE your foot will hurt.

Anesthesia, surgery and recovery? A few weeks.

My grandma had bunion surgery. I called her when she got home to find out how she was feeling. And she said, "I'm just missing Paul so much now that he's gone."

"Paul?" I asked. (Grandma, I asked about your surgery... I mean I know you're slipping, but really, that's kind of off into la la land, isn't it?)

She made an exasperated noise.
"Paul Bunion."


Oh. And my word recognition is 'unworre'

Which is pretty close to what you should do.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm with you. Focus and dwell on the dread. I'd tell you to snap out it, but that doesn't really work.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Firstly, thank you for not posting a picture. I mean, YUCK!

Secondly, Ami has the best comment I've read all week.

Thirdly, suck it up, buttercup. Here is a helpful meditation exercise for you over the next month and a half: when you start to get anxious about the surgery, play this clip. Visualize how this will be you after you've rid yourself of the electricity shooting bunion. Doesn't that soothe your cares?


Melanie Sheridan said...

Please tell me the post title is a Princess Bride reference? :D

PS- Generally, the worry about the thing is worse than the actual thing.

brandy101 said...

I hate pain, too. But usually I look forward to the relief from the problem more than the *possibility* of discomfort - try to think about it that way.

Very Mary said...

But if you barf, that will totally be even more humiliating.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

It'll be just fine. We'll supply the books and movies while you recuperate.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'd have been here sooner to cheer you on in your accomplishment at finding a hot foot doctor, but I had the flu and bronchitis. I am sad to report that the doctor who put me on antibiotics was not cute. However, I'm starting to feel better, and tore myself away from licking the photo of Adam Lambert on my computer screen (his new album cover was released today), so I could say, tell me MORE about your foot doctor. Tell me MORE!

262mom said...

I sympathize. I have 2 as well and running with them is not really the best idea to MAKE THEM GO AWAY. I too have thought about surgery but haven't gotten a straight story. So I will be all ears about this and wish you the best!

JCK said...

Better stalking than muttering sexual overtones as you go under, no??


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