Thursday, October 22, 2009

to the pain

Let's just get this out of the way - I am a big baby about pain. Or, more accurately, impending pain. If I am spontaneously injured, I don't freak out or even draw attention to the injury. But the prospect of having to do something that will hurt? Sends me into ulcer-inducing drama.

When I had my first child, the idea of labor & delivery made me dizzy; I could barely attend the birthing classes because it was a constant indicator of The Pain To Come. Frankly, having an emergency C-section was actually a blessing - I had no opportunity to think about it and fret beforehand. As I did when scheduling and awaiting the C-section for my daughter's birth.

Now, I've been enduring increasing discomfort from an opportunistic bunion and have tried all the easy fixes like better shoes & putting my feet up at the end of the day, to no avail. My right bunion has started to ache constantly, sometimes sending darts of agony through my whole foot, causing me to actually limp. Limp. And so I have scheduled surgery.

Basically, I am and will be for the next 52 days worrying about having my foot cut open. At this very moment, my stomach is churning and the bunion is shooting electricity up my entire leg.

The only mildly good news? By some magical karma also enjoyed by Cheri at Blog This Mom!, my podiatrist/surgeon is sweet & cute. Though I suppose that will only make it more humiliating when I start sobbing during anesthesia.