Tuesday, January 5, 2010

best (& worst, to keep things in perspective)

In honor of the new year and my return to insanityland everyday posting, here is my Best & Worst of 2009, succinctly narrowed to 5 things each for efficiency (and not including givens that I am happy & sad about - health/pain, shelter/nasty weather, et cetera).

Best of:
  1. Husband getting new job
  2. New CARnotminivan
  3. Watching a game in Cowboys stadium + meeting fellow blogger Texan Mama
    [These occasions happened together; I am not cheating]
  4. Reconnecting with friends/closer connections with cyber-friends on Facebook
  5. Rollerskating birthday party weekend

Worst of:

  1. Best friends divorcing
  2. Husband losing beloved job
  3. Not traveling to see family @ Christmas (filed under "bunion fun")
  4. No Disneyland or Europe trips (I know, waah)
  5. Still didn't get invited backstage with Fountains of Wayne

Here's to a blissful 2010 wherein some of last year's worsts are transformed into next year's bests. And I'm not arrested in the process.