Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tonight I was awake and lucid enough for a trip to Blockbuster. It has been a strange change from my former, pre-surgery life when I stopped by the video store hourly more frequently; these days I am constrained by not being able to drive myself combined with the fatigue I feel as soon as I step in my front door. But I rallied because I desperately miss my Geeky Cute Video Expert Guy needed to rent The Prestige for my upcoming sci-fi lesson on Steampunk.

My dear Best Husband Ever thinks it's hilarious that I have this crush, which kind of pisses me off and ruins some of the clandestine joy in my heart, but he still gets irritated that my GCVEG acts like Stu is invisible, or reminds him that he is not on our account whenever Stu tries to rent a movie on his own. So our joint visits can be simultaneously amusing & awkward, depending on who is behaving like the bigger weirdo. And how cute I think my hair is.

This evening, my secret boyfriend and my real-life husband shared a couple of poignant-guy moments - first when I was trying to figure out what to get as our free rental, Stu suggested Shaun of the Dead and GCVEG's eyes lit up in admiration; he bolted over to find it on the shelf. Then as we were leaving, Stu jokingly mentioned that I should show Heavy Metal when I teach the subgenre Fantastic Voyage; GCVEG actually gasped and put his hand over his mouth, clearly impressed at my man's audacity.

I think I feel a bromance brewing; glad I can start driving myself again this week.