Wednesday, January 27, 2010

changes in 5 7 5

Farmer's Market on Whidbey Island
photo by me, 2009

sometimes forced on us
change can feel like handcuffs or
a key to closed doors

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No Longer 25 said...

Enjoying a Haiku-licious Wednesday? ;)

Change can feel forced on us, I say embrace it, there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Unknown said...

Very well put!

Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

Super Haiku Wednesday! It seems our haikus are opposite today.

Melli said...

It sure can... I'm glad, for me, that is not the norm.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Oh how right you are!!

Change is good usually though. I look forward to a year of changes. Big ones.

Have a haikulicious day! ;)

SouthLakesMom said...

Roll with the changes, I say!

From another bad mom. ;-)

Ria said...

sometimes change that feels like handcuffs opens the most doors

tilden talks... said...

handcuff? let's hope we have the key...

Alison said...

That's so true!


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