Thursday, February 11, 2010

my funny valentines

I ordered my Advocacy students to write haiku Valentines to staff this week, to encourage loving attitudes. (I am writing a little poem for each of them, as well).

I am compelled to share the most brilliant & touching ones.

For our Science teacher from Hong Kong, who has a delightful, friendly delivery ~

Mr. Liu I love
Because he is great, ok?
Yes indeed, stay tuned.

For one of our English teachers who resembles a cross between Eddie Vedder & Jesus ~

Harvey with your hair
Like locks of golden awesome
Makes me feel alright

To "whoever" ~

Hayes is where it's at
Tom & H run this place, yo
This school is legit.

To our principal ~

H- is a Badass
She runs this awesome school, yo
She lays down the law.


I call you my mom
Because you look out for me
Thank you again, H-.

To our security guy ~

Tom is a Badass
I think I can still take him
We should throw some blows

For me ~

STOP staring at ME
I won't take my iPod out
So don't stare at me.


Sweetly humorous
radically chill, always
Smart, educated

I'm a little jealous that I wasn't called a "Badass" but the last one was written by a relatively new student who I haven't been sure I'd connected with yet; that feels pretty good. And the iPod kid, he does take it out when I stare at him.

I hope at least some of your declarations of love are this potent.