Thursday, February 11, 2010

my funny valentines

I ordered my Advocacy students to write haiku Valentines to staff this week, to encourage loving attitudes. (I am writing a little poem for each of them, as well).

I am compelled to share the most brilliant & touching ones.

For our Science teacher from Hong Kong, who has a delightful, friendly delivery ~

Mr. Liu I love
Because he is great, ok?
Yes indeed, stay tuned.

For one of our English teachers who resembles a cross between Eddie Vedder & Jesus ~

Harvey with your hair
Like locks of golden awesome
Makes me feel alright

To "whoever" ~

Hayes is where it's at
Tom & H run this place, yo
This school is legit.

To our principal ~

H- is a Badass
She runs this awesome school, yo
She lays down the law.


I call you my mom
Because you look out for me
Thank you again, H-.

To our security guy ~

Tom is a Badass
I think I can still take him
We should throw some blows

For me ~

STOP staring at ME
I won't take my iPod out
So don't stare at me.


Sweetly humorous
radically chill, always
Smart, educated

I'm a little jealous that I wasn't called a "Badass" but the last one was written by a relatively new student who I haven't been sure I'd connected with yet; that feels pretty good. And the iPod kid, he does take it out when I stare at him.

I hope at least some of your declarations of love are this potent.


LarryG said...

bad mom or badass
differences most minute
locale extolls truth


just because none of them said it doesn't mean it ain't so :)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I loved these. I say you do it every year.

Danielle said...

Those are all good! I would like to be all crafty and smart like you and Larry and leave you an amazingly creative haiku but the haiku's intimidate me. So I'll just say you're cool and I think you're a badass.

snugglebug said...

love them!

brandy101 said...

"This school is legit"

My FAVE line EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I stared at an iPod kid yesterday. It was a potent stare--he took it out.

I would love to be called a badass.

psychomom said...

If I were a teacher, I too would want to be a badass...but since I'm an artist, not so much.

Bad mom IS badass
Don't let them tell you Dif'rent
You are that to us!

I agree that it should become an annual event!

dkuroiwa said...

that 'i call you mom' one...kind of made me tear up a bit.
those are so incredibly awesome.
how great is it that you inspire such creativity from your kids.
yeah. you a badass.

Stu said...

my pretty lady
the fun we will have so soon
I'll take dealer's choice

stomp that cute left foot
pocket bad ass you so are
my fiesty woman


stephanie said...

i love you all so
especially that stu guy
blessings to my fans

Gretchen said...

LOVE the iPod haiku.


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