Saturday, May 8, 2010


I bargain, therefore I am.

Today's treasures: Vintage wicker hamper (found at antique store, 15% off = $18); ubiquitous (but strangely missing from my classroom decor until now) Sunflowers print; Anne Lamott's Grace (Eventually) (brand new hardcover, $1); IKEA mirror painted sky blue; rolling file box (also brand new, $5); wooden tray; ceramic plaque that says "you rule" that I might have to keep for myself as affirmation at the end of every school day; 4 sturdy plastic bowls for camping [which I do twice a year, maybe, but still want good cute bowls if I must go]; wrought iron napkin holder with package of "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" cocktail napkins; handmade pillow that will be loved in my classroom.

A better view of the hamper's marbleized top. Where I'm sure I'll frequently find this damn cat if I don't keep our closet door closed.

This is my favorite way to do Saturdays.