Sunday, May 2, 2010

may i have this dance?

Our Renegades held their first prom last weekend, which the students planned & delivered with little intervention from us old people teachers. We were so proud of them - they were working with a shoestring budget and secondhand facility but creatively rounded up volunteers, supplies, and services, providing a memorable Night of Dreams for 70 attendees.

Everything's better with glitter

Slam dunk decor

Our resident Kurt loves all things bargain couture - he rivals me at finding amazing treasures at thrift & antique stores. He announced he would be wearing a 'vintage' tux, which my colleague & I envisioned as something out of Guys and Dolls.
He arrived instead in Miami Vice chic, circa 1989. Loved it.

The best part for us is that our kids truly reveled in putting this event together, not worrying about the fact that the "regular" high school held their prom at the Portland Art Museum and that most of those students bought high-end dresses, rented limousines, and ate extravagant dinners beforehand. We loved watching our Renegades use their resources as best they could (student & principal-shared outfits, teacher-produced tickets, parent-provided snacks & punch, counselor-donated photography + DJ, advisor-procured Farmers Market flowers), keeping the cost at $5 per person and enjoying every minute.


Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Miami Vice = vintage...?? oh my god I need my walker.

Looks like they've done a fabulous job - I love it when kids get inventive (unless they're inventing excuses).

Bet it was a great night!

Very Mary said...

This makes me unbelievably happy!

Very Mary said...

And next year, I wanna donate something! Idk what, but you can let me know!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

This really is what I wish prom still was: Fun, simple, delightful without taking a second mortgage out on the house.

Well done renegades. I expect nothing less, really.

Fantastic Forrest said...

That is awesome. Exactly what it should be. Those high end events make me nauseous.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...


Danielle said...

That is pretty cool. And I give them props for putting it together and making it work! It was probably way more fun than the Art Museum!


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