Monday, May 3, 2010


In the spirit of optimism and looking UP (a la May's nablopomo theme), I am creating & sharing a list of things that I feel strongly might just happen in the last - who knows how many? - 29 days before school is out for summer:
  1. I can joyfully arise for a bit of early morning yoga while everyone else is still sleeping.
  2. I can not hate my family for still sleeping in their warm cozy beds while I curse at my smug little animated Wii balance board.
  3. I will have lessons planned many days in advance. [Not that I don't already usually do this, of course. Hi, Amy, best principal ever!]
  4. Students might sometimes sort of enjoy doing the lessons I have planned, and even learn things.
  5. I will keep learning things from my students [things that don't burn my ears and make me have to scrub my brain with mental steel wool].
  6. My house will remain in its current state of not-trashed/marginally clean & organized.
  7. I will finish the last couple of classes needed to maintain my teaching certificate (without incurring an aneurysm).
  8. I will find all the necessary paperwork to prove I've finished all the classes needed to maintain my teaching certificate.
  9. I'll find ample time to fit in Happy Hour gatherings with all of my favorite people.
  10. My blog will become massively popular, particularly with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, and/or Joseph Fiennes, who will insist on personally visiting/massaging the hilariously insightful Bad Mom. Often.

Too much?