Wednesday, June 2, 2010

make stuff happen

Coupeville, WA
photo by me, 2009

sometimes we do things -
impressive, monumental
things. but not always.

Join the fun!


Kay said...

ha! that sign is classic, does go to show... :)

quilly said...

LOL! There's a marker for my life!

Bing Yap said...

sometimes we just need to sit back and relax. great haiku!

if you have time, please visit my haiku here =)

RA said...

LOL. Great haiku to go with the photo. Have a wonderful day.

My Haiku Wednesday. Thank you.

Very Mary said...

I just posted that same sign on my blog this week!

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Heehee, I love that sign!

Just got home, and getting caught up! I think it's a perfectly great haiku! Well done :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

sometimes little things
become monumental things—
love’s transformative


LarryG said...

Badmom Rules!

shrink on the couch said...

nothing happened. if only I had more days like that.


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