Monday, November 15, 2010

thankful: inspirations (aka linky love)

Sometimes I am too much the Leo part of my birthdate and just don't want to a do a damned thing for myself [BORED NOW].

When that happens, it's nice to have a virtual group of cyber (and real!) friends to give me stuff to read, look at, ponder, write, purchase, create, read again, listen to while readingdream about making/eating, read more of, laugh aboutreflect on, and find endearing from around the world...Thank you, people. I am not yelling at my children, nagging my husband, or falling into a depressive abyss at this moment because of YOU.

And so. I have now been tempted by Deb at San Diego Momma to compose a story in 25 words or fewer (though I doubt it will be as compelling as her entry).

The name in the subject line throws a punch. Memories flood, her pulse flickers. 
Click. Scan. 
She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath.


Moxy Jane said...

Happy, and honored, to help;-) I blog for your family's safety.

camikaos said...

<3 Thank you babe!

JCK said...

Oooo...your 25 words are good. Love it!

Glad you are hanging in this month, too. I'm running out of things to say, but as you have said in this post, catching up with blogging friends helps inspire!

Shana said...

Must be something in the air. I'm in a royal funk. Blog surfing helps, hence this comment on your blog at 11:54 on a school/work night. Oy.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Awwwwhhh we love you too Steph :)

Great 25 words! I can just see you doing that, too. I tend to live vicariously through your FB posts. Yesterday's "can't stand to be around myself" was especially hilarious... ;)


Gretchen said...

Oh my, thank you.

Your words always communicate imagery with just the right amount of punch. well done!

LarryG said...

ohhhhh "Linky Love" when I started reading I thought it said... "Kinky Love" oh well... maybe next time :)

xiao said...

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San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

THAT is an awesome 25-worder. You're good at this shizz.

A whole story told eloquently -- beginning, middle, and end -- in less than 50 words is a feat and you did it.


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