Monday, November 1, 2010

thankful: times infinity

I am following the lead of my best friend Mama Milton who, though she had to move far far away (okay, about 2 hours) and start a new life without me, is posting thankfulnesses each day this month. I could use a powerful dose of Look How Great Things Are to counter my current state of What Bright Side? I Don't See Any Stinking Bright Side. And I will thank you for not pointing out that I am a day behind in this endeavor. It's what the "Post Options" button is for; you will magically see this appear yesterday. It's like I'm a time traveler.

For the 1st day of Thankful, I send my neverending, should-show-it-more-often gratitude to my family. These people love me when I'm crazy as well as when I'm kind and frankly, I think that must be pretty damned hard to keep up every day.

My man
My boy
My girl

I am blessed.