Tuesday, March 15, 2011

begin again

I tend to follow patterns in my life.

Sometimes they are useful, sensible patterns like eat, drink, then be merry or lather, rinse, repeat.  (Actually, I rarely repeat. Only when forced to camp and not shower for two days, then it takes numerous shampoos to recover).

Other times (more often), they are less sensible but still useful: Do housework diligently for weeks, grossly neglect housework for weeks, drive family away with mental breakdown and binge clean for 24 hours.

Regarding writing, I can identify at least 30 topics that would amuse or at least interest (sometimes horrify) readers every day. Often I mentally craft paragraphs during my lunch break or on the drive home; occasionally I remember to write things down. Then I promptly forget everything, collapse on the couch, and [insert mindless TV or laptop activity] until I am too tired to even be mindless anymore. Go to sleep, wake up, lather rinse repeat.

I know there are certain things I am supposed to do to help myself out of this rut. I have tried the Get Up Early, Force Myself to Write Something/Anything for 15 Minutes, Get Ready for the Day Feeling Accomplished pattern (it lasted about 17 minutes); the Write the Last Thoughts of My Day in a Journal, Go to Sleep Feeling Somewhat Accomplished pattern (lasted a few nights, with fitful sleep afterward); the Write Only in A Specific Space at A Specific Time Without Interruption, Crab at My Family for Invading My Space & Time, Get Massive Headaches and Hate Everyone pattern (overall unpleasant). I've had reasonable luck off & on with the Write Every Day According to NaBloPoMo or Something Like It, Enjoy the Diversion from Stresses of School & Family, Look Forward to People Looking Forward to My Writing pattern but it unfortunately ends more often with Getting Smug and Slacking Off than Getting Inspired and Keeping It Up.

I think I will mix & match, throw together a little plaid with polka dots, and see what happens. Check back often. (Please)