Sunday, May 1, 2011


All of the minor crises in my life are converging at this point to drive me to drinking four three four? glasses of Riesling at Sunday evening dinner. Too dramatic?

Things are feeling a tad overwhelming on this day, six Fridays from the end of the school year. Better?

I started this day feeling pretty good - after falling into bed around midnight following a successful and relatively fun prom at my school, I slept for nearly nine weird-dreamless hours and awoke to sunshine and a Facebook Friend Request Accepted by [supposedly] Garrett Hedlund (who cannot be on my Potential Second Husbands list because I could be his mother and that feels creepy but putting him on my Flings list seems even creepier so I don't know what to do other than revel in his cuteness and fine acting until I figure out a new category for him). Got to church basically on time, found a few delightful items at the antique store and spent nearly 3 hours grocery [and other kinds of ] shopping. I was called "bonita" by a gentleman asking for help identifying hairspray in one store and told my hair was "really great" by another guy at Borders.

Then, I came home. I looked forward to seeing my girl who had been away at Horse Camp for 24 hours but she was overstimulated & overtired and not at all excited to talk about her fun times. I hoped to witness progress made on my boy's mousetrap car but he had spent 3 hours arguing with his dad about the best way to approach that project and was banished from civilization. My man was spent from angsty engineering tutoring plus developing a sore throat while getting ready to grill burgers for dinner.

Because everything is supposed to be about Me, I felt a little let down. I started putting away groceries, thinking of how awesome lunches and dinners are going to be this week, but then got sidetracked by ideas for better organization in our household, which led to internal lamentations about lack of money for said ideas. Which then led to trying to decide if I should write down all of the great ideas and try to find ways of making them happen or just let them fade into the OCD ether.

Even after banishment the boy maintained his typical preteen attitude, leading me to shriek propose NO COMPUTER UNTIL SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER unless he can respond to all queries and requests from now on without sighing, sneering, groaning, or eye rolling. The sad & surly girl was sent to her room until she could respond to queries and requests without whining, screeching, mumbling, or crying. The man was allowed to continue making dinner with his sore throat but I did feel compelled to clear the counter and not micromanage how he should be cooking.

In the end, I did get reasonably compliant & respectful children along with a tasty burger and a bottle of wine though I have not yet made a list of Must Haves for the More Organized Household. Still, I think I can manage these last [37] days of the school year without a breakdown.