Sunday, June 12, 2011

fool hearted

Cleaning instead of crying
Dusting every surface including those no one sees unless they're moving out
Scrubbing sinks and cursing at toilet bowls
Instead of sobbing
Over the loss of children I didn't birth
haven't known more than a handful of years
children who've never lived in my home or even seen
My house
Children who are no longer children, really.

invite people into your
Only to send them away
Without you?

someone might come alive out there
someone might send a note
someone might come back

And because
my house will get cleaner
Every June


Moxy Jane said...

(((HUGS))) This is what makes you the best teacher a child could have.

Alison said...

Oh, honey. Moxy Jane is right. The kids were soooo lucky to have you as a teacher and they either already know it or they will realize it in the future.

My first class will graduate next year and I'm thinking I will be pretty emotional.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This needs to be in a teacher magazine--I am definitely going to share it with my friends.

Mrs. G. said...



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