Thursday, June 2, 2011

the good things

I am in a spinning crazy place, as is typical for the end of the school year. There are always Seniors panicking about graduating (or not) and Freshmen slowing down to a comatose pre-summer state while I attempt to design even more engaging lessons & activities to keep interest inside the classroom on these waning [usually sunny] days of June. Then there is the completion & sale of our yearbook, planning a talent show, preparing for the Senior banquet and the all-school picnic. Plus I am helping to organize my 25th high school reunion in August, getting everything ready for our London trip in July, and arranging for my girl's 11th birthday party at the end of June. Oh, and trying to keep track of my family: band + orchestra + drama + appointments + laundry + dinners + sweeping + miscellaneous Very Important Activities. This all takes a toll on my psyche, my feet, and my hair & makeup; I end up forgetting to eat all day, having headaches every afternoon, crabbing at my kids for doing kid-appropriate things, and falling asleep before completing one intelligent sentence with my man. Or even watching a single episode of True Blood.

I need to stand still, eat something, take a deep breath, and remember the simple good stuff that survives this outbreak of insanity. Such as:
  1. Hugs from my kids when I come in the door after school
  2. The sun being out even through downpours the past two days
  3. My fabulous-looking High Maintenance red toenails
  4. My man who never fails to pamper me with fancy food, drink, underwear & shoes when I most need them
  5. LiveWire! tomorrow night and writing workshop with Lizz Winstead on Sunday
  6. Students (teenagers!) who ask how I am every day. And bump knuckles with me.
  7. Being invited to stop at an old classmate's house for lunch & conversation
  8. Supercute & practical $9.99-at-Goodwill green Wilson Leather purse
  9. My new chic carry-on bag for the London trip
  10. Girlfriends who come for tea & talk and pretend not to notice my grimy floors
  11. Online crossword puzzles I can always finish
I've noticed these little blessings are so much sweeter when I recall them at the end of a crampy, cranky, headachy, angst-filled week. I suppose tomorrow night's cocktails are going to move me to tears. And June 22nd promises to be a riot of relief.

Bring it.