Wednesday, November 9, 2011

simple math

Freshmen + Full moon = 72-hour dull headache

Freshmen + Full moon + Happy Hour with Colleagues(x4) = Joy to the world

13-year old boy + Homework - Xbox privileges = End of the world

13-year old boy + Homework - Xbox privileges x Hovercraft idea for Science project = Life worth living another few weeks

11-year old girl + Middle School x Hormones = Mom is stupid

11-year old girl + Middle School x Hormones ÷ Mall Trip on School Holiday = Mom is awesome

High hopes for NaBloPoMo + Weekend Fun ÷ (Lesson Plans)(Feeding Family)(Sleeping) = Bittersweet fail

Writing - High Hopes + Occasional Inspiration x Life² = Satisfying enough

Test tomorrow. Be sure to put your name on your paper.