Monday, March 12, 2012

72/365 "really"

In My Room

I got this fabulous poster from my favorite snarksters/societal vanguards at Regretsy. Please read the stories about the trials of Atlanta artist Tori LaConsay that led to her getting not only recognition and an apology from retail giant H & M but also a donation to animal rescue organizations in her city. Because her plight was publicized & promoted and eventually resolved largely through Regretsy reader support, Ms. LaConsay offered to send signed posters to those who donated to the assistance fund for her sweet rescued dog-friend Fred who needed surgery. [Fred is recovering well and enjoying celebrity on Facebook; Ms. LaConsay is no longer sending posters and I cannot for the life of me find any place online to get hold of her lovely works right now. Bummer]

So. To make a short story a tad long, I gave a bit and got a lot. When meeting with the architects of our school, we teachers specifically requested these cozy corners in each classroom where a student can go when he/she needs a quiet place not-too-far from the madding crowd, or where a small group can spread out a project, or where I can offer easily-distracted individuals a calm reprieve from my otherwise visually overstimulating classroom; in any case, I want whomever lands there to know: You look nice today.

It's something we all like to hear, no? Well, you do.