Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My girl Mrs. G (I'VE MET HER!) at Derfwad Manor has this fun thing for me to do and I really want to do it. You want to read it, I bet.

1) Who are an actor and actress you like so much you will watch anything they are in, even if it's crappy?  Ryan Gosling and Kate Winslet, though I don't think they've been in anything crappy yet...But I'll watch when it happens.

2) Mary Tyler Moore or Rhoda?  I'd really like to say Rhoda because she was EXTREMELY hip, but I'm totally MTM.

4) What is your favorite Beatles' song?  If I Fell makes me swoon to pieces.

5) When you want to laugh, who or what do you turn to?  Sometimes my husband, but mostly Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

6) What is something you have a hard time doing?  Saying no.

7) What was the most pleasant thing that happened to you yesterday? Spontaneous private time with my man & John Mayer.

Extra Credit: What's a new blog you've discovered that you are enjoying? Sadly, I discover little during the school year because I am hysterical overwhelmed pretty busy. But I am so pleased to be rediscovering Mrs. G's fabulousness.