Wednesday, June 27, 2012

everything makes me cry

Neglecting my blog
Trying to keep up with my blog
Going to the gym
Not going to the gym
A perfect martini
A terrible martini
Believing I am entering menopause 
Being told I am not
People losing their homes
Other people helping those who lose their homes
Going back to school in 8 short weeks
The idea of not having a classroom to go back to
Students who tell me I've helped them
Students too damaged to accept help
Students who are apparently just a**holes
Las Vegas
Anyone singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
Watching my kids grow up
The possibility of not watching my kids grow up
Walking through the gates of Disneyland
Really good chocolate
Nora Ephron's writing 
Me not coming remotely close to Nora Ephron's writing
Nora Ephron not writing anymore