Monday, November 19, 2007

scene from a complicated marriage

Long angle: Woman and man have just finished watching two alternate endings of a Stephen King movie. They discuss which ending is the best; argue briefly about whether or not to watch the 'webisode' special feature. Cut to close-up:


Man: What?

Woman: I have to post! I didn't write anything for Monday!

Man: And you only have an hour and a half...

Woman: I know! I have to write something!

Man, grinning as he pins Woman with his legs: What if you don't post today?

Woman, struggling to reach for laptop: I have to post! I could win a prize!

Man: What kind of prize?

Woman: I don't know, but I want to win!

Man: How about I give you a prize and you just rub my back?

Woman glares at Man and grabs laptop.


Ten minutes later:

Man: What are you still typing? We didn't talk that long.

Woman sighs.


Anonymous said...

I still want a back rub....

Mrs. G. said...

We seem to keep the same late posting hours. Poor Stu...just give the man a back rub. But I'm sure you know this can lead to complications.

I'm glad to know that this kind of intellectual discourse is taking place in other areas of Washington.

We're going to have to gather our Washington bloggers and go to coffee soon. There a many of us.

katydidnot said...

booooo back rubs. and um...there are prizes?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Husbands, children, many are neglected when one must post.

Post for prizes, no less.

(I'm in for the WA powwow.)

Anonymous said...

Mrs G,

Thanks for having my back on this one ;)

Alas, no back rub (or complications), but promises have been made...


Suzanne said...

I am always on the backrub requesting end, and my hubby is always the one turning me down... until prizes are brought up. It must be a pretty universal thing.


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