Monday, November 19, 2007

scene from a complicated marriage

Long angle: Woman and man have just finished watching two alternate endings of a Stephen King movie. They discuss which ending is the best; argue briefly about whether or not to watch the 'webisode' special feature. Cut to close-up:


Man: What?

Woman: I have to post! I didn't write anything for Monday!

Man: And you only have an hour and a half...

Woman: I know! I have to write something!

Man, grinning as he pins Woman with his legs: What if you don't post today?

Woman, struggling to reach for laptop: I have to post! I could win a prize!

Man: What kind of prize?

Woman: I don't know, but I want to win!

Man: How about I give you a prize and you just rub my back?

Woman glares at Man and grabs laptop.


Ten minutes later:

Man: What are you still typing? We didn't talk that long.

Woman sighs.