Tuesday, November 20, 2007

and so, i did nothing

So I was done with school today at 2:00 and didn't have to pick up my kids until 4pm. Bountiful time! I had a few things to grade, some assignments to enter into the computer, copies to make; updated my white board schedule, changed the date on the chalkboard, arranged papers for Monday. (Yes, I am very comfortable with my OCD, thank you). All the while listening to classic rock and feeling very free free free.

My mind reeled with the exhiliration of no teacher responsibilities for a few days. I started mentally listing all I was going to accomplish in these first few hours of freedom. Pick up last grocery items for Thanksgiving; find funky plates at Goodwill; have a coffee & decadent pastry; read a magazine.

Okay, somehow I got tied up at school (cleaning the chalk tray, straightening books & chairs, picking up gum wrappers, reading blogs answering important school-related e-mails) until 3:58. Fine, no problem, will pick up kids and run errands.

Strangely, the weather people never mentioned it would be below freezing by mid-afternoon today. I left my big coat & gloves at home; just making my way across the school parking lot nearly sent me into hypothermic shock. No errands, everyone home for hot cocoa.

Well, I have plenty of things to do around the house - laundry, dusting, sweeping, and generally making everything not look like pirates live here. But first, snacks. And why not just check my e-mail really fast?

Then it was 5:30, my family was wondering what dinner might look like, and I was tired.

Tomorrow is another day.