Tuesday, November 20, 2007

scene 2 from a complicated marriage

Cut to close-up of couple on couch. Woman & Man have just finished watching a sappy, overrated, totally predictable yet irresistibly sob-worthy movie.

Man: I'm sorry Ryan Gosling will look like that when he's old.

Woman: Shut up. You're just jealous.

Man: Of what? I totally look like that with my shirt off.

Woman: Whatever. You're an idiot.

[Note: Man denies having said any of this. Disregard any protestations.]

Man: What are you writing anyway? Put that damn thing down! You already posted today...

You all should hear what the Man thinks really happened. It's pretty funny. But I won't let him have the laptop, and he doesn't know my passwor----

(We've had wine, and chanterelles...And THERE'S NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!)