Wednesday, April 30, 2008

and then i shut up about the hot checker

During my weekly daily hourly visit to the store formerly known as Wild Oats this evening, I did indeed spy my [not so] secret super young crush. However, he was on bagging & cart wrangling duty and since I only had a few snack items (for this weekend's wild PTA convention - stay tuned for those details!), we did not require his services. *snicker*

Because I know you all care so very much how our "relationship" is going, I will tell you these things: After the ridiculous Gerber daisy fiasco, I tried again to have an actual conversation (as much as can be had in the 2.2 minute interaction while buying seven nonessential items). And you know? I have no idea why I even try; the beauty really is in the admiring from afar. As my darling husband wisely exclaimed the other night - "Don't talk! Talking leads to affairs!" And then he busted out laughing, presumably over all the crazy in that statement (I would risk my marriage for a grocery clerk? I want to go to jail for attempting an affair with a minor? I have time for an affair??).

Anyway. It went something like this.

Hottie: Did you find everything you wanted?

Me: [Momentary giggle in my mind] Yes. Thank you. Except oatmeal carmelitas. I guess they're all gone. I should really just buy them by the case. But that seems wrong. Ha.

Hottie: [Not looking anywhere in my general direction] Yeah, they're pretty popular.

Me: [Resigned silence]

Hottie: Alright, there you go! Have a great night.

Me: sigh. Okay. Thanks. You, too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just keep talking to him. I makes me look better all the time ;)

And no, I am not worried. You have had crushes since we have been together and you are still mine...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Are you sure there wasn't something in that "have a great night?"

Karen said...

I'm with Stu, watching from afar, is the way to go. Face it, none of really have time or energy for anything more than that anyway. Hell I don't have energy for the man I already have. Hee hee!

Mrs. G. said...

what he really meant: your excellent hair and intoxicating scent are rendering me wordless so I'll blather on and about oatmeal caremelitas...but really I want...

dkuroiwa said...! and I don't mean to break away from the total funniness of all and your "cougar-like" tendencies and Stu's comments...but....
are you kidding me? Your young crush was bagging groceries?!?!
I didn't know they even still do that!!!! Does he carry them out to your car, too?!?! and if you imagine yourself pushing him in the trunk and taking off?!?!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Oh she can't kidnap the checker; his mom would be worried.

I'm not kidding.


Janet said...

LMAO! Dude must be from MA originally...we're not big on small talk here.

John-Michael said...

Sad! Just so, so, very, very sad. Alas ... she is off the edge ... tumbling into ... well, we shall see (next post to be read.)


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