Thursday, May 1, 2008

on my way for pta

I know simply because I am looking forward to the end of this school day (I realize that sounds horrible; I still love my job & most of my students, just getting rundown for a minute), it will drag on interminably. I'm trying to incorporate fun things into planning projects & looking up vocabulary...Maybe I'll just bring cookies.

This afternoon I am racing to Barnes & Noble for their Educator Appreciation reception before I have to leave for the state PTA convention. It seems crazy to drive all the way across town to spend 20 minutes in a bookstore, but they're giving stuff away! Teachers like free! And they'll have cake. Teachers like cake, too.

Last night when I spoke with an actual friendly, conversational checker at the grocery store, I told him about the PTA convention this weekend. He asked where it was then said, "Will you have time to do anything fun up there?" Apparently I made some sort of face (I really must get control of my expressions before I reveal something embarrassing or sinister) and he quickly said, "I didn't mean to imply't be, you know, fun." It was quite sweet (not enough to make me stalk him though) so I let him off the hook by telling him the convention really is pretty interesting [plus full of more freebies from educational vendors] but I also have time to get away and shop. Which didn't really impress him I knew, but he was still kind and engaged and wished me a good time. I was an inch away from saying, "Could you please train THAT HOT ONE to make pleasant small talk with stalkers cougars congenial women who shop here?" But of course, no.

So I have my snacks ready to go, suitcase packed, bag of magazines to share. Must remember stress tablets, just in case. Trust me, though - there will be no walking excursions in SeaTac.