Wednesday, April 30, 2008

and then i shut up about the hot checker

During my weekly daily hourly visit to the store formerly known as Wild Oats this evening, I did indeed spy my [not so] secret super young crush. However, he was on bagging & cart wrangling duty and since I only had a few snack items (for this weekend's wild PTA convention - stay tuned for those details!), we did not require his services. *snicker*

Because I know you all care so very much how our "relationship" is going, I will tell you these things: After the ridiculous Gerber daisy fiasco, I tried again to have an actual conversation (as much as can be had in the 2.2 minute interaction while buying seven nonessential items). And you know? I have no idea why I even try; the beauty really is in the admiring from afar. As my darling husband wisely exclaimed the other night - "Don't talk! Talking leads to affairs!" And then he busted out laughing, presumably over all the crazy in that statement (I would risk my marriage for a grocery clerk? I want to go to jail for attempting an affair with a minor? I have time for an affair??).

Anyway. It went something like this.

Hottie: Did you find everything you wanted?

Me: [Momentary giggle in my mind] Yes. Thank you. Except oatmeal carmelitas. I guess they're all gone. I should really just buy them by the case. But that seems wrong. Ha.

Hottie: [Not looking anywhere in my general direction] Yeah, they're pretty popular.

Me: [Resigned silence]

Hottie: Alright, there you go! Have a great night.

Me: sigh. Okay. Thanks. You, too.