Monday, April 21, 2008

home, sweet [frigid ice cave] home

I realize that when returning to our beloved Pacific Northwest from the desert of Las Vegas, normal spring temperatures will probably feel a tad chillier than before. However, when we stepped into our house and started to shiver, something seemed amiss.

My sister & dad, who were staying with here all weekend, had left when the kids got on the bus this morning. I thought for a moment they were trying to be kind to the environment by turning our heat down to save energy for the day. But no. Stu hit the thermostat button a couple of times; the furnace made a valiant furnace-like noise then sighed off. Frick.

In my no-good-long-sleep-in-four days state, I crawled upstairs and beneath the heavy layers of our bed, fully dressed. I trusted Stu's manly expertise to save the day while I dozed. Dreams come true: For a mere $170 (if only we had played more slots...) and a few hours of elbow grease, we have a toasty house once again.

This is how happy I am:

Me + Zumanity boy

Clearly he's not nearly as excited about the photo op as I am. I don't care.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Holy crap. He justs wanders around, waiting to get his picture taken...

Hope the heat comes back soon and you rest up, party girl.

Karen said...

HE IS PURDY! What a lovely view from the shallow end of the pool!

Oh I'm sorry did you write about something else?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

He probably just doesn't want his girlfriend to be jealous.

katydidnot said...

jesus, mary and joseph! is he...? are those...?

holy crap. i cannot for the life of me remember what your post was about. but, i will never forget those...that...oh. mah. gah.

i'm just...i'll just be...oh, man, i'm going to vegas, see (except in sf, this summer). but i'm bringing him with me. paolo who?

Very Mary said...

Is he wearing makeup? He looks like he's made of wax. weird. But your hoots look awesome.

stephanie said...

Lisa: I KNOW, huh? I think I petted him.

Karen: I did not write anything worth reading, really. It was all a vehicle for that photo.

Jenn: Everyone else wants to rain on my ga-ga parade and tell me he has a boyfriend. But again? I don't care.

Kate: Seriously. He is all that.

Mary: He had so much makeup on, it was almost less awesome up close. Almost. I focused elsewhere. (And thanks - I realized after the evening was complete that my funky bra shows through that shirt. Oh well; Vegas).

sissy said...

no heat in the pacific northwest is about as much fun as no air conditioning here in cali.Lol...
who cares if he's waxy or has a boyfriend...still is totally abulous!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

If you'd brought Zumanity Boy home, Stu would not have had to fix the heat.

Janet said...

good lord, he's pretty!!! (part of my word verification was xoxo LMAO!)


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