Monday, April 21, 2008

home, sweet [frigid ice cave] home

I realize that when returning to our beloved Pacific Northwest from the desert of Las Vegas, normal spring temperatures will probably feel a tad chillier than before. However, when we stepped into our house and started to shiver, something seemed amiss.

My sister & dad, who were staying with here all weekend, had left when the kids got on the bus this morning. I thought for a moment they were trying to be kind to the environment by turning our heat down to save energy for the day. But no. Stu hit the thermostat button a couple of times; the furnace made a valiant furnace-like noise then sighed off. Frick.

In my no-good-long-sleep-in-four days state, I crawled upstairs and beneath the heavy layers of our bed, fully dressed. I trusted Stu's manly expertise to save the day while I dozed. Dreams come true: For a mere $170 (if only we had played more slots...) and a few hours of elbow grease, we have a toasty house once again.

This is how happy I am:

Me + Zumanity boy

Clearly he's not nearly as excited about the photo op as I am. I don't care.