Thursday, June 19, 2008

i love caulk

[You have to say the title out loud for maximum hilarity. And then watch the video.]

My handyman
"You can never have too much..."

And this is all you get for Thursday because after our fun First Day of Summer Break, I'm going to bathe for a few hours in my new tub. You might even get a Guest Blogger post tomorrow as I could be AWOL (in the tub) after Paige's birthday party...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

On that note, it's bedtime . . . do you think I could get my husband to bring his caulk?

katydidnot said... you think he could guest blog for me tomorrow too? b/c i am not so much about the posting lately. but caulk? i'm totally into caulk.

stephanie said...

Jenn: I hope so, I really do.

Katy: I'm sure he would because you know what he says about caulk? "Bring it on!"

LarryG said...

awwww shucks... no tub cam? lol

what a way to celebrate the solstice!!!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Hooray for the tub being done. I'm so impressed.

(Did you get a little caddy yet? It will be awesome...)

Unknown said...

Dude I just got my Caulk singles sample in the mail...I cannot wait to use it.

Looking hot stu!

Very Mary said...

Nice caulk, Stu. No wonder Steph keeps you around

dkuroiwa said...

everyone is asleep now and i'm back here in my little space laughing my ass off right now!!! i hope no one wakes up.

caulk? oh...the more you have the better, i think.
( far can one go with this?? stop me steph before i mention how i like to play with know...with my fingers!!)
and with that....good night!!!

Anonymous said...

I like to keep my caulk ready for My Woman. You never know when the mood might hit for caulk.



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